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Performance Management

Achieving High-rise Performance

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There is a direct relationship between business performance and effective performance management programs. But not all performance management programs are created equal. Organizations that yield the most impact are those accompanied by leadership that support the process and champion the growth of their employees. Without the ability to evaluate performance accurately and communicate expectations and support, a performance management program can fall flat. What is needed is an approach that is tied to organizational needs.

This workshop aims to encourage a comprehensive approach to assessing performance that includes long-range planning, commitment to team-work, and aligning individual performance with organizational objectives.

Participants will learn to:

  • Align performance management with the overall goals of the organization
  • Understand what makes for a successful performance plan
  • Know the key reasons performance plans often fail to deliver
  • Conduct old result-focused meetings
  • Address and resolve poor performance and get the person back on track
  • Raise the bar and keep employees motivated

Difficult Conversations

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They are called difficult conversations for a reason. For many managers the very thought of talking about something that has gone wrong, passing on bad news, or broaching a touchy subject ties them in knots, drains them of creative energy, and diverts them from important work.

No one looks forward to being perceived as the rider in the black hat. And no one enjoys potentially explosive exchanges. Sometimes it is easier to turn the other way. But avoidance is not leadership.

To be truly effective, managers must have the tools to take on difficult conversations.

Participants will learn to:

  • Enjoy an increased level of skill and confidence to tackle avoided and delayed conversations
  • Implement the four components of a difficult conversation
  • Practice clear and easy procedures to redirect difficult conversations and get them back on track
  • Handle emotions during conversations
  • Steer difficult conversations to solutions and resolutions

 “Like the Chinese word for crisis, which combines the symbols for danger and opportunity – difficult conversations can lead to either distress or harmony.”~Martha Lasley

Making the tough decision

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Sometimes managers face the difficult decision to implement a disciplinary process, sometimes leading to termination. If this process is done incorrectly, there can be unpleasant consequences for the employee and the organization. The process becomes even more sensitive if there is a collective agreement.

Participants will learn to:

  • Understand employment legislation and/or collective agreement information that impacts disciplinary action
  • Review the main issues that often require a manager to consider the path of discipline
  • Know sensitive areas that need to be considered
  • Understand necessary steps required when going down this path

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The strength of Advantis Consulting Group’s knowledge and ability were obvious, but what was truly impressive was how enjoyable they were to work with. It is wonderful to find a consulting team that really becomes part of your team and invests themselves in the development of your organization. Advantis is a company that we can really work with!”

Jeff Chapman

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