Employment Law

Policies & Employment Legislation

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All employers must understand and comply with legislation relating to employment. To assist employers, often policies and procedures are adopted to take into account the laws and regulation around specific issues. To be truly effective, managers must have the tools to comply with legislation.

Participants will learn to:

  • Understand how policies can help your workplace run smoother
  • Know the basic steps in policy development
  • Gain knowledge of the applicable employment legislation
  • Gain basic tools and templates to write all necessary policies

Bullying in the Workplace

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Due diligence requires that employers develop unambiguous anti-harassment and anti-violence policies, train employees and management in these policies and set out a process for investigating complaints that is fair, thorough, unbiased and objectives.

This workshop will help your organization learn how to proactively address bullying.

Participants will learn to:

  • Devise a Harassment Free policy for your workplace
  • Understand the intentional and unintentional behaviours that is considered bullying
  • Know the steps they need to take to ensure the work environment is free from bullying

Implement action steps to take if bullying should occur

Mental Health in the Workplace

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Issues such as restructuring, workloads, fixed deadlines, performance reviews, and even a good friend leaving can impact an employee’s mental health.  These kinds of workplace issues along with personal issues can sometimes cause stress to the point of impinging on an employee’s ability to function optimally.

The challenge facing managers is to be aware of and informed about mental health issues, and be prepared to walk a sensitive tightrope between assisting the employee and safe-guarding the organization.

This workshop will show participants how to create a safer environment where employees feel comfortable discussing issues and how to implement strategies to help struggling employees while safeguarding the interests of the organisation.

Participants will learn to:

  • Understand signs and symptoms and best approach
  • Know the best approach to take as a manager
  • Be aware of the many resources that can help managers and employees
  • Take the actions that balance the needs of the company and the employee

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