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Recruitment & Selection

Always….Hire the Best

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Behavioural interviewing ensures that you hire the best every time.  Unfortunately, very few employers know how to identify which behaviours best fit an organization’s needs. They struggle to know how to take the guesswork out of recruitment.

We show you how to assess the skills and behaviours you need and then design the appropriate questions.  We ensure that you also know how the past behaviour is used to predict the future performance.  We make recruitment easy and successful for you – each and every time.

Our team will show you how to use the questioning techniques to retrieve relevant information based on the candidate’s past experience and then how to assess whether the candidate will meet your company’s needs.

Participants will learn to:

  • Identify the behaviours needed for the job
  • Design a behavioural profile
  • Draft questions that guarantee to get the right person for the job
  • Understand the three techniques to use each and every time to hire only the best.

The Perfect Match – Right Job, Right Person

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To hire the right person, you have to have the right job description. But often job descriptions are outdated or non-existent.  This sets an organization up for failure as they will often rely on intuition to make hiring decisions rather than objectives guidelines that are easy to implement and remove guesswork from the hiring process.

This workshop is designed to guide participants through an easy, four step process that matches the right person with the right job.

Participants will learn to:

  • Identify the key elements of a job
  • Design clear job descriptions
  • Draft targeted assessment and interview questions
  • Understand the three techniques to confirm the best hire

Retain the Best

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New hires are fully engaged and ready to perform their job with enthusiasm and ability.  But how does an organisation retain them? Studies show the number one reason new hires leave an organization is because of their supervisor. How supervisors lead and manage those under them is critical if an organization wants to retain great employees.

This workshop explores how supervisors can keep employees performing at their best and staying fully engaged.

Participants will learn to:

  • Understand the key elements of an orientation program that will enhance retention
  • Design an easy to use orientation binder
  • Assess a new employees suitability for their job
  • Carry out effective reviews that provide necessary feedback
  • Know quickly what to do and how when an employee is not the right fit

Ready, Aim, Influence!



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…most knowledgeable …very well-prepared… interesting and informative visual aids …well-organized
…any organization that is fortunate enough to participate in one of your workshops will have made a wise choice and will not regret the decision.

Anne Bowen Walker

Vice President, Clinical Services
Interlock Employee and Family Assistance