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Our Difference

We create solutions tailored to your needs

We work with you to create leadership and management solutions tailored specifically to your organization. In fact, we come alive when we can listen from inside your world, and then design learning programs to ensure your company is recognized as one of the leading organizations in your field.

Advantis will:

  • Analyze your employees’ learning needs through interviews & surveys
  • Determine the method of delivery of the content
  • Design the content
  • Develop the materials
  • Deliver the training

As a result, your employees receive:

  • Training specific and customized to their needs
  • Course materials specifically addressing what they need to know as managers
  • Effective training delivery methods on specific content

Your organization receives:

  • Peace of mind knowing the training programs will actually accomplish their purpose
  • Satisfaction knowing the program was specifically targeted for the style of management their managers wanted and needed

We train from a manager’s perspective

There is no shortage of trainers who can teach off-the-shelf training programs. But Advantis’ consultants are not just trainers; they are leaders and managers who train. They bring a wealth of actual management and leadership field experience to the training environment. They know what they teach because they’ve done it.

Only effective leaders can create leaders.

Only effective managers can create managers.

We focus on changing behaviour

One study concluded that 80% of the investment in corporate training is wasted because most of the knowledge and skills gained is not fully applied on the job (Ford & Weissbein, 1997.)


Many training programs are solely content-focused, resulting in information overload. Too much data is dumped on students during long, training sessions. Managers feel overwhelmed and stop trying to integrate what they may have learned into their jobs.

Advantis has a higher standard.

We will:

  • Create a “personal growth plan” for every manager that focuses on specific competencies they need to develop
  • Supplement training with small-group telephone coaching and with a Ready Reference toolbox for just-in-time learning and application
  • Design and deliver follow-up strategies to enhance knowledge transfer to the workplace and continuous development of individuals in your organization

We deliver interactive learning experiences

Long lectures and fill-in-the blank workbooks can be boring and ineffective. Research shows the highest transfer of learning when people have actual work scenarios and problem-solving activities in a learning environment (Joyce & Lambert.)

What is the alternative?

Advantis combines simulations, discussion groups, learning games, music, LCD projections, video and a myriad of other activities to create high-impact, interactive, learning experiences.

  • We offer active training because people learn best by doing.
  • We offer enjoyable training because people learn best when they are having fun.

We take a holistic approach

Research shows a clear relationship between life and job satisfaction, and job productivity. That’s why successful organizations see the whole person, not just the employee. People have brains and want to grow in what they know and do. If you define the rationale for learning, they’ll go the extra mile to “get it”.

But people also have hearts and spirits. They expect to be appreciated, and treated with dignity. They’re looking for connection with others, meaning, and a sense that what they are doing is about something larger than themselves. This is the path to attracting and retaining the best talent.

Our approach to training is student-centred without sacrificing content.

It is personally affirming without minimizing the need for outcomes.

Ready, Aim, Influence!



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Advantis has been highly creative, using adult education principles very effectively. Through the design phase, they have shown flexibility and have been quick to grasp principles that are core to the workshops. They have also shown initiative in recommending changes as the workshops progressed and I value their insight and professionalism.

I can confidently recommend Advantis.

Bert Elliot

Learning Service Branch Public Service Agency