Stage 4 – Evaluation

To help evaluate comprehension of the material, each participant completes a pre-course and post-course assessment. On average, the assessment scores go up from 32% to 96% at the completion of the course.

To evaluate how well the programs are proceeding, “temperature check” feedback forms are used at the end of each module, allowing for minor adjustments in the following sessions.

Additionally, at the end of the training program, each participant completes a more thorough course evaluation.

Three main areas for evaluation are:

  1. course content
  2. facilitators
  3. facilities

As training unfolds, we review significant issues and trends with you to make recommendations as necessary.

Should you wish, we can arrange for teleconference follow-up with course attendees to ensure behavioral changes in the workplace.

Ready, Aim, Influence!



Organize Tomorrow Today (Part 3)

Organize Tomorrow Today (Part 2)

Organize Tomorrow Today (Part 1)



…most knowledgeable …very well-prepared… interesting and informative visual aids …well-organized
…any organization that is fortunate enough to participate in one of your workshops will have made a wise choice and will not regret the decision.

Anne Bowen Walker

Vice President, Clinical Services
Interlock Employee and Family Assistance