Stage 1 – Analysis

In our heads, we move to your neighborhood. We focus on the world of your managers and leaders.

Ou team conducts an in-depth analysis to clarify:

  • your organizational needs as related to overall corporate vision
  • how each training area can be customized to meet your unique requirements
  • individual needs of participating managers
  • desired outcomes
  • content of modules, and whether a particular book or school of management theory embodies the approach you would like to implement
  • the philosophy of training and the variety of methods and media preferred for the modules
  • how training modules are linked to one another
  • the exact length of each module
  • how to seamlessly integrate new aspects of the training with existing training programs

Our team immerses itself in your corporate culture by literally living in the information gleaned from our analysis, planning meetings, focus groups and interviews.

Ready, Aim, Influence!



Organize Tomorrow Today (Part 3)

Organize Tomorrow Today (Part 2)

Organize Tomorrow Today (Part 1)



Advantis was very responsive to our needs. ….flexible, professional, thorough, and effective in all areas from training to labour relations. I was very pleased with all results and Advantis exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend them.

Judy Roberts

Acting Director, Human Resources
Interior Health Authority